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Claudia   Anne  Stevens   Teaching Artist   Email:

PROFESSIONAL   PREPARATION   University   of  California   –  Santa Cruz,   Santa  Cruz,  CA   Art   B.A.   1989
University  of  California   –  Santa Cruz,   Santa  Cruz,  CA   Art (Printmaking) B.F.A.  1990 Postgraduate
University  of  California   –  Santa Cruz,   Santa  Cruz,  CA  Art (Science Illustration) 1989 One year
California  State  University   –   San  Jose, San  Jose, CA Art M.A. 1999

2018 (1990 – present) “Artists in Schools” Residency Grants The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County, CA 2010 Creative Work Fund Grant, San Francisco, CA (Haas Fund and Hewlett and Irvine Foundation)
1990 Presidential Fellowship, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA
1990 The Chancellor’s Award, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

1990  –  present Professional   Freelance   Teaching   Artist,   Aptos,   CA
2018 _ Polar Diatom Conference Iowa State University, Ames IA
1996  –  2018   Art  Teacher,   Spring   Hill   Advanced   Elementary   School,   Santa  Cruz,   CA
1990  –  2018 Artist   in   Residence   with   multiple   unified   school   districts   (Santa   Cruz,   Pajaro  Valley,
San   Benito),   Cultural   Council   of   Santa  Cruz   County,   Santa   Cruz,   CA
2013  –  2015 Art  Instructor,   Cabrillo   College   Stroke  Center,  Aptos,  CA
1989  –  1994   Art  Teacher,   Children’s   Art   Foundation,   Santa  Cruz,   CA

1990   Internship, Emphasis on Scientific Illustration, Wilson Botanical  Gardens, San Vito, Costa Rica   1989-­1990 One year focusing on Botany and  Science Illustration,  Science Communications
Department, University of California Santa Cruz

Academic  Press  Hand  Book  of  Marine  Mammals,  p.  38, 2010  Bernd   Wursig,   Ph.D.   and  Marc   Webber,  Ph.D.  2010,  ISBN:   978-­0-­12-­373723-­6  Page  38

Lewis  and  Clark  Mountain  Wilds,   Sharon   Anelia   Ritter,   pp.  28,  43,  51  -­  56,  67,  133,  193  –  196,   251  (first   page  of   each  chapter),   2002  Idaho   University   Press,  ISBN  0-­89301-­258-­0

Sunset  Magazine,  “Win   the  War  Against   Weeds”,  Sharon   Cohoon,  pg.  100-­103,  April,   2001   Sunset   Publishing,   ISSN  0039-­5404

Introduction  to  Biology   –  College   Text   Archipelago   Distributed   Learning,   various   authors,   1999   Harcourt   College   Publications,   ISBN  9781582620268

Horticulture  Magazine,  Volume   XCV;;  Number  4;;  April   1998,  “A  Taste  for  Weeds”,  pp.  68-­74,
Wayne  Winterrowd,  1998  Horticulture   Publishing,   ISSN-­0018-­5329

Notes  to  Myself,  Hugh   Prather,   1990  Bantam   Books,  ISBN  0-­553-­34864-­7

Notes  to  Each  Other,  Hugh   &  Gayle   Prather,   1991  Bantam   Books,  ISBN  0-­553-­05765-­0     1

Backpacker’s  Magazine,  “Season   of  the   Sneeze”,   p.  20,  Dennis   Scholl,   1990  Rodale   Press

Giclée   Prints,   Hand   Painted   Tiles   and  Fine   Art   Notecards,  Claudia   A.  Stevens,   (100  accounts:   Museums,   Galleries,   Private   collections),   2012-­2017

Educational   Signs   (4’  by  5’)  Displayed   along   Capitola   Beach,   Capitola,   CA  and  the  San
Lorenzo   River  Park,  Santa   Cruz,   CA,  1994

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2016 Palace Arts, Capitola 6 Botanical Works, (Solo)
2013 Filoli Gardens, Woodside Salvia columariae
2013 San Francisco Botanical Gardens Rubus ursinus
2013 Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove Twenty Botanical Works, (Solo)
2012 Monterey Historic Parks, Monterey 15 Botanical Works, (Solo)
2012 Woodside Gallery, Woodside Salvia mellifera
2012 Filoli Gardens, Woodside Salvia mellifera
2011 Stanford University, Palo Alto
2010 University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz
2001 Triton Museum, San Jose Beaufortia squarrosa
1994 Elkhorn Slough National Estuary Grevillia, Beaufortia
1991 Natural History Museum, Santa Cruz Beaufortia
1990 Denver Art Museum, Denver Tidepool

One hundred wholesale accounts; CA, OR, WA, TX of fine art notecards, hand painted miniatures, and giclée prints.
Classically   trained   botanical   illustrator   with   over   30  years  of   experience   working   with   a   variety   of   media   on  a  variety   of   subjects;  work  is   widely   published   in   books  and   magazines.
␣  As  an  active   teaching   artist   and  illustrator,   I  have   taught   children   in   both   public   and   private   schools   since   1990,  and  adults   since   2013.
␣  Serves   as  an  elected   member   on  the  advisory   board  for   art  education   for  the   Arts   Council   of  Santa   Cruz   County,   California.
␣  Artist   in   Residence   at  the   Artist   in   Residency   Program   with   the   Santa  Cruz   Arts   Council/Santa   Cruz   Public   Schools   under   the  Cultural   Council   of  Santa  Cruz   County,   Santa   Cruz,   CA  from   1990  to  present.
␣  As  an  avid  gardener and naturalist,   I  travel   often   to  locate   and  collect   specimen   samples   for   illustration;   I  generally   prefer   travel   involving   backpacking,   camping,   and  hiking.