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  • Rose hips are full of vitamin C and are a great addition to jams and jellies. Just three of them contain as much antiscorbutic as an orange. Currant berries high in vitamin C, can be eaten raw, cooked dried and preserved as jellies and jams. With high concentraions of flavonoids and tannins in the leaves and roots, the early Europeans relied on blackberry for similar ailments as did the indigenous people.

Museum quality giclée prints, hand painted tiles, and fine art note cards.

Welcome to Claudia Stevens’ on-line botanical garden. This website is a growing portfolio of west coast native and world-wide plant species. Museum quality giclée prints, hand-painted tiles and fine art note cards can be purchased directly from Claudia. Book links are also available that include Claudia’s illustrations and can be viewed from the books and editorials page.

In the art of traditional botanical painting, each flower is painted from real life plant specimens: with the purpose of documenting exotics, natives, rare, and endangered plant species, while increasing public awareness of the importance to respect and to save our biotic resources.

To purchase prints and cards, please select the images that interest you from our gallery or portfolio pages and then visit our how to purchase page. Giclée prints, hand painted tiles or fine art note cards are available year-around listed on the gallery or portfolio pages. You may purchase art directly at her Studio.

U.S. Mail: For upcoming shows and events, please join Claudia’s growing mailing list.  To receive a postcard, send an email and include your name and postal mailing address to join the list. We take privacy and security of personal information very seriously.  We will never give your information to any other third party.