“In the art of traditional botanical
painting, each flower is painted from
real life plant specimens with the
purpose of documenting exotics,
natives, medicinal and endangered
plant species, and increasing public
awareness of the importance to
respect and save our biotic resources.

“I am fascinated with the architecture
and complexity of plant structure
and inspired with the beauty of
plant life.”

Claudia Stevens is a classically trained fine artist and has painted for over twenty-five years. She works in watercolor, gouache and silver point with a dry brush technique on hot press paper. Her technique begins by gathering plant specimens directly from the natural environment sometimes hiking extensively. While using a highest grade watercolor and gouache, Claudia works in translucent layering. The goal is to translate a certain lightness and etherial quality of the plant.

Each painting focuses on the beauty of intricate parts of the flowers, seed pods and leaves. Herbariums and a hand lenz are helpful tools for understanding the plant structure, coloration, texture and the unique world of each plant.

Claudia holds a Master's degree from CA State University San Jose, a BFA in Printmaking and one year in Scientific Illustration from the University of CA Santa Cruz. Claudia has taught drawing, painting and clay sculpture in the Santa Cruz public schools for twenty years. She has collaborated with botanists and biologists, illustrating a biology book, interpretive signs, books and editorials. Her work appears in University Press's, Sunset Magazine, Bantam Books, Rodale Press, and elsewhere.

Claudia lives in rural Aptos, California and derives much of her creative energy from the surrounding environment. The Mediterranean climate of Santa Cruz County provides a wide range of plant specimens, both California natives and world-wide exotics. Claudia gathers botanical specimens from international rain forests as well as the Sierra Nevada and Big Sur.

Down a pdf of her resume.

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First-time Santa Cruz recipient of
Creative Work Fund, San Francisco

Claudia is a member of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS)

SBA (Society of Botanical Artists)
CNPS ( California Native Plant Society)

Creative Work Fund
Recipient 2010