Raising awareness to the importance of our local native plants and biotic resources

 A quiet act of conservation, Traditional Botanical works is a project developed in collaboration with a team specializing in plant ecology, anthropology and fine art. The project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Creative Work Fund. For millenniums, humanity has relied upon plants for food, fiber and medicine. Modern day and cultural historic plant use included.

Museum Quality Giclée Prints, Commissions, Hand Painted Tiles

Claudia’s colorful, botanical art is nature inspired. Like a garden, living and breathing in your workspace, while at the same time offering local plant ecology, folklore and ethnobotany. Each plant tells a story as part of your native plant world community.

Art solutions for all working environments: hotels, lobbies, hospitals, corridors, boardrooms, conference rooms, executive offices, corporate offices.

We deliver flexible, customized solutions with fast turnaround. We maintain the highest standards, meeting corporate requirements.

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